Slide …done with the gate…
I closed the shop for good
and with a 3rd class ticket,
300 liras in my pocket I left for Milano.
A new life opened up for me.
There are no closed door
for the man willing to work
and rise above his peers.
Sito Titta Ruffo - Home Slide I began
this difficult path
at the age of twenty
e dopo i primi anni di dure privazioni,
attraverso tanti ostacoli,
riuscii a trionfare.
ero allora pieno di preoccupazioni,
di sogni, di speranze.
Sito Titta Ruffo - Home Slide I can honestly say
that singing is the highest form of expression of the human soul.
Through it I cried,
I suffered and I laughed,
I mocked, I hated, I loved,
I cursed, I prayed.
Sito Titta Ruffo - Home

The Man
and the Artist

“The soul of an artist often vibrates even away from the stage and the concert halls, although from its fame the adventures yet to come are originated and they latch on the man, without make-up, wigs or crowns”.


“One day, I bought the Count of Montecristo… it was an old second-hand book… and it became my inseparable friend.


I then began to read and write correctly and all the passion that I used to put in the workshop, I transferred it on reading”.


“I spent for several months in Italy; my Parioli villa kept on growing more beautiful… That’s when my absolute passion for the paintings of the Italian school of the 800’s was born and within a short time I was able to purchase a few masterpieces”.

“When I started spending time in Firenze I would visit anything that would taste like art… Rekindling that passion I had since I owned my villa in Rome, now increased by the love for everything that I found beautiful in life, like thirty years back”.

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Titta Ruffo

The idea of dedicating a website to Titta Ruffo, Italian baritone, memorable artist and undisputed protagonist in theaters around the world, has come into being in order to allow the new generations to find out about this man and artist as well as to pay homage to a character that was opposed and boycotted in Italy at the peak of his career.


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